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Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm EST
wouldn't they? this is a project that provides energy to our country when we very much need it. it's a project that will provide jobs, tens of thousands of jobs. we have 7.9% unemployment. we have 12 million people out of work. here's a project that won't cost the federal government one single penny but it creates tens of thousands of high-quality private-sector jobs. it's about economic growth. this is a $7.9 billion project. the project over its life will create hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue for state and local government as well as the federal government to help with our deficit and our debt without raising taxes. more tax revenue without raising taxes. and it's also about our energy security, energy security for america. instead of bringing in oil from the middle east, this is about working with our closest friend and ally, canada, to meet our energy needs. this pipeline will not only bring in canadian oil, however, it will also -- it also moves oil from my state of north dakota and from the state of montana to our refineries in places like texas and louisiana
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
in the climate and energy debate, i had a lot of talks with americans and british, and they always told us stop this, stop this with the industry, going to a service orientation economy. that is a lot easier than to reduce your emissions. we didn't do it and we were right that we should do it, and, therefore, we needed industrial policy strategy. third, also the challenge, how and what is the content of the program for good work, i'll state it more clear, how can we reestablish more law and order of the labor market? to give you one little example, everyone is looking at germany at the moment, because we are quite strong. we are quite successful, if we look at our unemployment rate. but the truth is, 10 million people and i know it will top of this in the labor -- later panel, 10 million people i will tell you situations, 10 million. i'm coming from the east. one-third of those people in my state return less than -- and, therefore, many other important so i can what is the program for more law and order on the labor market going to support? labor, the movement and to bring it as has been said b
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
of disruption to the global order are readily observed in a roller-coaster energy prices, fluctuating global markets, sovereign behavior and economic uncertainty. failing to provide leadership in the collective security of the global order, it would have significant economic consequences for the american people. the collapse in half leadership would create a way in which old threats would be unaddressed and new security challenges would find room to grow. there should be no misunderstanding the combined effect of the continuing resolution and the sequestration will have a deleterious effect on the stability of the global order the perceptions of the enemies and our allies. sequestration shouldn't be viewed as a budget issue. our collective actions in the next months will be scrutinized on a global stage, and even the perception of a disruption of the nation's ability to protect its global interest could well have strategic consequences. regarding the rest of the forces, the linked ring resources and readiness is immediate and visible. the scale and abrupt implementation of sequestration will
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
. they've done it with extraordinary energy and effectiveliness. in this list of our secretaries defense that will rank as the best we've ever had. they have absolute confidence that chuck hagel can and should do this job. you have in this list ambassadors who have handled the delicate, difficult issues involving international diplomacy. you have several ambassadors who have been ambassadors to the state of israel who strongly support senator hagel. all these individuals know him, they know perhaps as well if not better than many of my colleagues and myself the threats, the dangers and opportunities that face this country and they are strongly supporting chuck hagel. in fact, they have concluded, in a letter, that he is uniquely qualified to meet the challenges facing the department of defense and our men and women in uniform. there has been a lot of discussion about chuck hagel's appreciation of the strong and important and critical relationship between the united states and the state of israel, and all i can say is i was so impressed by the comments of the deputy israeli foreign minist
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
energy. as he said last night, it will be done without adding any money to the deficit, not a single penny -- as he said, "a dime." these investments in a strong middle class are not just right for the country; they're right for our economy swvment but our efforts to restore prosperity will mean little unless congress acts immediately to deal with arbitrary across-the-board spending cuts set to take effect next month. if the looming sequester strikes, 70,000 young children would be kicked off head start, 10,000 teacher jobs will be at risk and the small business administration will be forced to reduce loans to small business loans by up to $540 million. democrats believe we should use a balanced approach that targets wasteful spending and tax loopholes and ask the wealthiest among us to contribute a little more to reduce the deficit. the american people know we can't cut our way to prosperity. they agree. we can't ask the middle class to bear the burden of the entire deficit reduction. later this week democrats will introduce a plan to avert the so-called sequester. republicans say t
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
and families with energy and understanding. she's also a wonderful mother to our children, a former officer and current student at the university of north carolina. melissa, a schoolteacher in north carolina, david who works in the department and the needy in washington, d.c., and andrew and infantry lieutenant in the army. .. >> i do. >> have you assumed any duties or undertaken any actions which would appear to presume the outcome of this confirmation process? >> no, sir. >> will you ensure your staff complies with deadlines established for requested communications including questions for the record in hearings? >> i will. >> will you cooperate in providing witnesses and briefers in response to congressional requests? >> i will. >> will those witnesses be protected from reprisal from their testimony in any such briefing? >> they will. >> do you agree if confirmed to appear and testify upon request before this committee? >> i do. >> do you agree to provide documents including copies of electronic communications in a timely manner when requested by a duly constituted committee or to consult
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
forms of energy, make medical advances that save lives and ultimately reduce the cost of health care. developed a technology that defend our country and make our fighting men and women safer and advance our economy. more than half -- more than half of economic growth in this country since world war ii has resulted from technological advances, none of which would have been impossible -- almost some of which would have been possible without the basic research funded by the federal government. sometimes this all sounds very theoretical, but we live it every day. let me hold up for you this morning they said sheehan little iphone. can't get along without this thing. you all have one in your pocket or perhaps you're looking at right now and not listening to me. [laughter] which by the way, it's pretty standard for us professors, so it's not surprising. this device you have in your pocket and i have been nine would not exist were it not for federally funded research. let me show you why. the gps that enables your device to guide you to your destination would not exist without the federally
Feb 14, 2013 9:00am EST
the federal family and department of justice treasury, commerce, energy and beyond to secure our systems, improved and automate our security management approach so we can understand what hardware is connected and who has access to our systems and what software is on the system is and how can we and a stand and correct the existing vulnerabilities that account for so much of the cybersecurity intrusions we see today but we have been working with the private sector to improve and enhance our ability in the world to secure an open internet. the executive order -- much of what we learned with consultations with the private sector as a first set of steps. first it enhances the government ability to provide classified and unclassified threat to u.s. companies. it requires federal agencies to produce unclassified reports to u.s. companies if we have information indicating that a company is the target or a victim of a cyberthreat and requires reports to be shared in a timely manner. in addition, executive order expands classified information sharing beyond the defense industrial base all
Feb 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
, it is important to note the drought related impact across the broad spectrum, from energy, recreation, to wildfire impacts. according to the fire center in boise, over 9 million acres burned last year, which has only happened twice before in the record. 2006 and 2007. since 1960. low river levels on the mississippi affected transportation of agricultural products. as many of you know, half of the transport on the mississippi river is agricultural. eighty feature of conditions was the dryness and warm temperatures, the magnitude of the extreme and large area that it encompassed. figure one, which you have in front of you, shows the figure of 2010 until the present. about 32% is in moderate to exceptional drought. it intensified in the midwest and it covered 60% of the country, from the valleys to the rockies and the mexican and canadian borders. several states had dry seasons, including arkansas, kansas, nebraska, south dakota. the drought years of 1955 and 1956 have the closest geographical pattern to what we have seen to date, in the year 1998, the second warmest year on record, 2006, they have a
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm EST
that the president is going to call for new investment/spending on education and energy and infrastructure and manufacturing to try to boost the economy and to boost the middle class. will you go along with that? >> as long as we pay for it. we've seen this movie before. we saw it with the so-called stimulus package back in the beginning of the administration, and and we saw the longest, most stagnant economy in history and now a debt and deficit that's $53,000 for every man, woman and child in america. >> host: senator john mccain on fox news sunday. the washington times' front page has the story about those military spending cuts that the senator was talking about with this headline: military warns cut cans would create hollow force akin to the 1970s. army brigades won't be ready to fight, navy aircraft carriers won't deploy, the air force won't be able to operate radar surveillance 24 hours a day. the dire scenarios are contained in a series of memos sent to congress and obtained by the washington times. >> host: so that is on the table as well under sequestration, detention and nondefe
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm EST
things that he's going to focus on, but all of them will stress the economic context of it. energy, um, he'll talk about infrastructure which is new, new roads, new bridges, things like that, manufacturing, and, um, then he'll also talk about education and making college more affordable. but all of that will be in the context of how can we make our economy grow stronger, how can we promote and grow the middle class. >> host: and here's the headline in the financial times this morning, obama to focus anticipation on the economy. speech to be heavy on home initiatives. how much of this will echo what we heard at the inaugural address? >> guest: i think it'll be a little bit different from that. i think there were a lot of comments after the inaugural address that it was very aggressive on sort of social issues. he talked about gay rights, equal pay for women, even voting rights. um, and i think you'll see some of that, but my sense is you'll see only those things that can sort of come into an economic context. so while he might talk about immigration, what we need to do as a country on t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)